Traveling the world through cuisine


Culinaria is a free online resource for anyone that's interested in cooking and cuisine from around the globe. Traveling the world is always fun for us. Seeing the sights, mingling with the local culture, and of course sampling the cuisine. The goal is to enlighten and educate anyone who's interested in some of the tasty things the world has to offer.

Our primary interest is on traditional dishes, their origins, and the culture that surrounds it all. We want to take you to new places with each and every article, and give you a glimpse of the area in focus while providing you with complete recipes that you can try on your own.

Going beyond the kitchen, we’ll also explore speciality food outlets, dive into the specifics on select ingredients, review kitchen tools and appliances, and even share tips and techniques we’ve learned in our own exploration.

Please enjoy our site and feel free to email us or post questions and comments on specific articles.

The Culinaria Book Series

Culinaria booksThe Culinaria books are the great inspiration to the direction of this website. Each book focuses on a specific country and explores the various flavors within its local regions. The series not only gave recipes and guides on how to create the ethnic dishes of those countries, but they displayed beautiful photography and gave the reader a grasp of the culture along with the cuisine.

Now this is not just a blog repeating recipes out of those books, but more carrying on in our own way in how those books told stories of the food with our own culinary creations. We want to take you on a trip, traveling the world through cuisine.