Traveling the world through cuisine

About: Stephanie

StephanieMy grandpa used to call me a Heinz 57 or better known as a European mutt in my family. I’m Italian and Slovak with a sprinkle of Irish. My cooking repertoire typically reflects my culture (Italian/Bohemian), but I am definitely someone who loves to take a recipe and creatively adapt it to mirror my taste or to come up with something completely unique. I’m not a classically trained chef like Giada De Laurentiis or Rick Bayless. Having learned most of my techniques and tricks through spending time in the kitchen with my Grandma or Mom- I’m a self-taught cook. Although, I’ve perfected my own recipes through trial and error- practice makes perfect! Cooking (as well as eating and entertaining) is definitely a passion of mine. At some point in my life, I’d love to take a hiatus from the daily grind as a sales and marketing writer to study at Le Cordon Blue or in Europe.